WHAT WE DOOur solution

The system we propose assesses the state of the disease through a four-level severity index (from 0 to 3) and it also provides an intuitive explanation of the diagnosis made in visual form, through the use of differently coloured maps.

Lung Ultrasound using Artificial Intelligence solution

System based on Artificial Intelligence for the estimation of Score Index in Covid-19 patients

By exploiting advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the system is able to analyze ultrasound data in a few seconds and to assess them according to a severity index associated with pulmonary damage. This is useful for handling and for layering of Covid-19 patients. 

This analysis is based on an accurate acquisition protocol and analysis of ultrasound data, already clinically validated and with proven prognostic value. The system provides intuitive diagnosis through graphical representation, which is a crucial aspect for ensuring the involvement of health personnel; for supporting the right integration of the Artificial Intelligence techniques into the clinical practice, and for speeding up the training process in relation to the ultrasound pulmonary data.

Through this system it is possible to estimate the likelihood of patient deterioration by Covid-19 pneumonia. It becomes vital into the medium-low intensity care units with the aim of:

  • identifying the most appropriate therapy;
  • better managing the clinical pathway of patients;
  • establishing adequate follow-up to check the progress of the disease.


The system is based on an easy scan with an ultrasound scanner on 14 areas (front, side and back) of the patient’s chest.
From the software platform you can upload each scanning through a very intuitive user interface.
The system analyzes automatically every single scanning and provides the severity index of each area highlighting the “critical ones”.